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    We have started the update with new hosts for 2017.
    One new today: 
    Mette's Gjestehus in Bergen 
    (not yet plottet on the map)



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    Vi lager nå nye sider for nye deltakere. Vil du presentere ditt utleietilbud her, så er det rette tiden å ta kontakt.


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11 Hordaland

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Hordaland is among Norway's most famous counties. Bordered by the immense Hardangerfjorden, Hordaland is also home to much of the Hardangervidda National Park and some of Norway's best known waterfalls, including Vøringsfossen and Stykkjedalsfossen. Bergen, the county administration and one of the country's oldest cities, is surrounded by the Seven Mountains which can be climbed or summited by Fløibanen (cliff railway) or Ulriksbanen (cable car) to provide a breath-taking view over the city. Further inland you will find many fjords, islands and the town Voss, famous for its rich culture, barbecued sheep-head and the Extreme Sport Week.