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    This web-site is not being updated regularly. If you are interested in managing this site - please get in touch with us.


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    Vi vurderer å avslutte dette nettstedet. Hvis du er interessert i å drive et slikt nettsted innen turisme, privat overnatting, ta kontakt med oss. 

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If you want to contact one spesific host, please go back to the host page and find the phone number to that host there.
Or click 'Online Catalogue' to find a host in the area you want to visit.

If you want to contact us, who organize this web-site, you have our contact information here:

Bed & Breakfast Norway / Ambiose
Østbyfaret 9d, 0690 Oslo, Norway
Tel.(+47) 99 23 77 99

I am Anne Marit Bjorgen. I try to answer all e-mails in my free time. Some times I am travelling and some times I do other jobs, so excuse me if I am not able to answer at all times. Thanks for your understanding.

My company, Ambiose Design, is responsible for the content of this web-site. We do not have an office or staff year round. We, one assistant and myself, are working on new updates only in the spring. There is no central reservation office for B&B.

Myself, I am educated as architect, but have over the years been working in several different fields. For 20 years I have been running my own B&B in my house in Oslo: Ambiose B&B, I have been working as a truck-driver and bus-driver. In the past I have also started a small publishing company: Kulturbro Forlag, and from time to time I am doing various projects like clothing design/historic costumes, furniture upholstry and yurt-import.

My company web-sites: and

We put effort into ensure accuracy in the information at the -site. We can not take responsibility for errors that might occure during the year, or if standard does not fulfill you expectations. We, as editors, have no responsibility regarding any agreements or reservations between guests and hosts based on information from this web-site.